The Buck$Dynasty Team
The Buck$Dynasty Team

Welcome to the Buck Dynasty (B$D) team site.  The Buck Dynasty Team is a site that features opportunities the Team has found that have allowed hundreds of people to realize their dreams.  Members enjoy our FREE resources, training, and encouragement, to find more hope and purpose for their future.  We offer recommendations on reputable business endeavors*.  A path to successfully reaching your dream is what we seek to share with you.  What you need is a clear idea of what you want, why you want it, and determination.  We want to help, but it is up to you.

Virtual MD
Changing the World of Healthcare for You

Healthcare:  The future of healthcare provision is changing fast.  Many individuals and families have discovered the Virtual MD as a welcome option for their healthcare.  Not only can you enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you can call a doctor anytime, but you can also choose to earn income by simply joining the Team and sharing with others.

Learn more about Virtual MD:  Virtual MD

Fastest Growing IndustryThe B$D is also a digital system or Social Media process.  The B$D subscribes to the theory that there is no need to re-create the wheel by attempting to devise some so-called new path to success.  On the contrary, the path is well worn and well defined by those who have used it.  It is our mission to listen to your heart-felt reason for walking the path in the first place; to help you see the path by offering you the facts you need; to understand how to follow it by listening to and studying the progress of others who have traveled it, and to walk with you as far as we possibly can.


We are blessed to live in these early days of the 21st Century.  Technology has converged to create some of the most powerful ways to earn income.  If you feel like you wish you could have invested in Henry Ford’s dream in 1903,  or bought Microsoft at $6 a share, you need only look around today.  Similar opportunities are at your fingertips.  Today you can work digitally either part time or full time almost entirely from the palm of your hand through your smart phone, or from your tablet using Buck Dynasty tools.

Keep it Simple!

Systems or processes should make things simple, predictable, even comfortable.  That does not mean easy.  On the contrary, we recommend you work hard, especially in your first four years! Below is an outline of the digital Buck Dynasty System.  Start with Steps 1, 2, and 3 and (warning!!) you will want to join us. Your future is calling.

 The Four Year Career is Foundational info you were not taught in school about creating income streams including: Network Marketing as an industry, an opportunity, a career choice, and how to generate a retirement income in 4 years.

 The Business of the 21st Century How you get paid in some of the hottest businesses in America/the world.


The FREE Buck Dynasty Business Builder Plan (Secured/protected.)  How to know with reasonable certainty that you will earn money quickly and get started on your path to success.  Our standards are high as is our goal for you: we want you to earn at least $1000 in your first 90 days.  NO GUARANTEES, but hard work and following the plan could help you realize that goal.

 The “A List”  (Secured/protected.)  Learn how to find contacts, create a long list, and finally how to create your personal “top 10 most likely to succeed” list, or A List, and how to use Social Media for lead generation.

Other resources:

Your Customer List, The Free Energy and Free Mobile Service Program, the Power Up Program (PUP), the Sports App Fundraiser, and finally Skull Candy (things to consider).

Additional helps are under development all along and are made available asap.

*Independence:  The Buck Dynasty Team and its website was created by and for leaders in various companies and industries who are members of the team. This website is not endorsed nor managed by any of those companies endorsed or recommended. Service offerings and pricing by the various companies are subject to change based on policies of the independent companies. No schedule of any pricing, rate or service level is intended to be offered nor guaranteed by this website. All videos, copyrights, trademarks, and representations are property of their respective copyright holders. Companies mentioned or recommended herein do not manage, host, or maintain this website. For all questions or support with regards to this website please call your respective Buck Dynasty Team sponsor.

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